About Us


CoolHarbour is a consultancy and systems integrator specialising in customer engagement and unified communications. We deliver consulting and technology solutions that help you:

  • develop stronger and more profitable relationships with your customers
  • build a knowledgeable, productive and collaborative workforce that supports your customer experience strategy

The digital era has given your customers and your workforce more information and more choice than ever before.  And they are not afraid to exercise that choice.  Your business needs to be on its toes, continuously seeking innovative ways of engaging its customers and its workforce. If you don’t, you can be sure that your competitors will.

At CoolHarbour we possess the know-how, experience and insight to address these fundamental business challenges through alignment of technology and data to your Customer Experience strategy. Whilst we are technology experts, the outcome of every project or solution we deliver is measurable business improvement.  We achieve this by first helping you align your strategic objectives to your customer needs. We then work with you to create a realistic roadmap to transform your customer experience and modernise your workplace.  Finally, we roll up our sleeves to help you deliver this transformation by ensuring processes and technology are able to support the desired end goal.

Our services span the entire life of a technology transformation programme, covering strategic advice and business case justification, solution design to deployment, as well as user adoption and handover to support. Regardless of where you are in your technology transformation journey, we have a compelling service offering to help you accelerate benefits realisation.

Established brands and growing companies alike trust us to help them with their customer engagement and workforce productivity challenges.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help your business.

We are technology experts, but we think like business people.

Yes it is our job to know our specialist technologies inside out, and know how to make them work for you. But what’s more important to us is that we help you understand what impact these technologies can have on your business. We don’t take on a project unless there is a tangible business outcome expected from it.

We never let process get in the way of progress.

Although our team is skilled in major project management techniques, we never force our clients to blindly follow a methodology or process. A methodology is always tempered with realism. We also pride ourselves on being flexible. We always prioritise your satisfaction over our process.

We insist on getting our hands dirty. 

Many advisory companies spout theory, or have “Consultants” who love talking about art of the possible.  That’s the easy bit.  We go one step further and we deliver the possible.  All our team has hands-on delivery experience in the key technology domains from their engineering and development backgrounds.

We’re in for the long haul.

Because we understand the importance of relationships, we never present a generic corporate image. Instead we encourage our team of experts to build genuine long term connections with our customers. And in doing so we have first-hand experience of how you work, and where we can help improve.

Simplicity is our language.

Technology can be daunting and complicated, but we see it as our job to make it simple for you to understand and consume. And to ensure that projects proceed smoothly, we break every concept down to the most basic level, explained in plain English.

We are not tied into a particular product or technology vendor.

In other words we don’t make revenue from selling their products to you. This is important to us as it allows us to remain independent in selecting the solution that best fits your business requirements. That’s not to say we don’t have our favourite technologies because there are a few that just stand apart.  But we will never let a financial incentive influence our decision making process.

We think we are different from other companies, which is why customers come back to us again and again. We strive to ensure that our customers and employees get from us the same eye to detail on their experience with us as your businesses customers.

Always Ethical

  • We are an ethical company that wants to make a difference to society and our employees. Our values are more important than making a profit on any deal.
  • We will only work with businesses and organizations that make a positive contribution to mankind and society. The world is vast and life is too short so we can afford to be picky.
  • We are always honest and transparent – it’s the only way to a trusting relationship.

Always Customer Focused

  • Our customer’s outcomes are our primary focus and we always do what is best for them and their business.
  • We will be flexible whenever possible without putting outcomes at risk
  • We will deal with customer politics and conflicts in the context of what is best for the client.

Always Respectful

  • Respect everyone we deal with equally – internal and external
  • Treat our staff the way we expect to be treated ourselves
  • Recognize that work is a large part of our staff’s lives and therefore always ensure working for CoolHarbour and our customers is a good experience for them.

Always Independent – Always Courageous

  • We value our Independence as it allows us to be true to our values. We are independent in our thinking and our approach. We aren’t and won’t be owned by banks, VC’s PE firms or any outside entities that would influence our thinking. And we won’t sing to our partners’ or customers’ tune if we don’t believe their approach is right for them.
  • We will always be courageous and stand up for what is right even if that means less revenue, less profits or more short-term pain for us.

The CoolHarbour team consists of some of the most experienced Unified Communications, Collaboration and Contact Centre solution consultants and practitioners.  They share the mission of applying their vast knowledge and expertise to help organisations reap the full benefits of their investment in Unified Communications.

CoolHarbour brings together a team of people from diverse backgrounds – developers in technology start-ups, advisors in Big 5 consulting firms, consultants in specialised systems integrators and product managers from technology vendors.  And yes, we do have a few management type people too, but we tend to keep them tucked away in a corner of the office!

Regardless of where they come from, our team members share a passion for innovation, a common purpose to do what’s right for our customers and an ethos of utmost integrity.

Join an industry leading team

CoolHarbour was founded by a team of like-minded individuals who aspire to build an organisation that achieves success through focusing on its customers’ needs.  We have set ourselves high standards and strive to be known as the leaders in the field of Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Easier said than done, we know. However, with the right people, the right leadership and the right culture, we are confident that it can be achieved.

CoolHarbour is experiencing healthy growth just like the Unified Communications industry itself.  As such, we are always looking for talented individuals to be part of this growth.  But talent is only one part of the equation – attitude is what makes us stand out. We are looking for people who not only possess superior technical knowledge but also have the right attitude to deliver results and innovation.

If you think you have the edge that we are looking for, or simply want to find out a more about what it is like to work at CoolHarbour, then email us at info@coolharbour.com.