CoolHarbour are a communications company enabling you to effectively engage with your customers through any channel and to optimize the communication within your internal stakeholder ecosystem that can include employees, partners and suppliers.

Our comprehensive services portfolio is designed to help you get the most out of your investment in customer engagement and unified communications technologies.

Our services span the entire life of a technology transformation programme, covering strategic advice and business case justification, design to deployment, as well as user adoption and handover to support.   It is about maximising the return on investment.

Regardless of where you are in your technology transformation journey, we have a compelling service offering to help you accelerate to your end-point.

  • You might be right at the beginning, where you are assessing the technology landscape to see how you need to adapt your infrastructure and applications to support your business objectives.
  • Or you may have decided on your technology strategy and selected your vendors, but need some experts to bring everything together.
  • Or you need to bring some structure and a proven methodology to the delivery of your programme involving multiple technologies and supplier.
  • Or things might not be going according to plan and you need some specialists to identify the technical issues, rolls their sleeves up and get you over the line.

Our team of experts will work alongside your team and your other partners to get the job done.  In simple terms – we reduce the delivery risk for your programme.

Irrespective of the level of our involvement, we invest a great deal of time up-front to get to know your business and to understand your key drivers. There are no short-cuts.  We also use a consistent process that has served our team well over the years to help you successfully roll out technology solutions that are accepted by your wider organisation.

tech strat and bc

One of the biggest challenges organisations have is to develop a holistic integrated technology strategy and then successfully getting funding approval for that strategy.

Our Consultants have the pedigree and experience from delivering to FTS100 clients and will work with you to define your business objectives and then use them as the driver for an integrated digital Strategy. The strategy will be used as a basis for providing a detailed business case that meets the challenges posed by your Board. We will work with you and your stakeholders to deliver:

Digital Strategy

  • Vision
  • Outcomes and Show Me events
  • Channel Management Plan
  • Optimised Customer Journey Blueprint
  • Technology and Process Blueprint to support the Customer and Employee Journey
  • Integrated Unified Communications Blueprint

Business Case

  • Financial impact
  • Benefits blueprint
  • Governance
  • Risk register
  • Resource management strategy and resource management plan
  • Programme plan
  • Benefits realization plan

CoolHarbour’s broad Technology Consulting services portfolio is aimed at helping you:

  • Make the right technology choices
  • Get the most out of your investment in your chosen technology stack
  • Overcome technical and security challenges during deployment
  • Drive high user adoption rates for new technology within your organisation

We deliver these services in our areas of expertise – customer engagement and unified communications.

Our team bring passion, experience and technology skills to bear in the most challenging and high profile technology projects. Our technology advisory services have benefitted companies in all stages of industry and life cycles.

Programme, Procurement & Vendor Management

Selecting the right technology vendor and integrator can be a tricky process. It is more than selecting a technology vendor, it is about finding the right partner. The partnering approach, industry credentials and flexible service contracts are just as important as the quality of the technology. CoolHarbour brings the domain expertise, a proven assessment framework and, most importantly, the independence to ask the right questions that enable us to find you the right partners and not just a technology vendor.

Once a supplier is on board we will use best practice Programme governance and delivery methods to ensure that your programme is successfully delivered and the benefits relaised within the cost and time promised in your business case.

Feasibiltiy Studies

 Your feasibility study is a key document that underpins your strategy and business case. When done correctly it can clear the way for a successful implementation of the business case and eliminate your risks that is why the rewards are there to be had by using our experienced consultants. We will work with your stakeholders to deliver:

  • Problem statements
  • Business Requirements with a full ranking of thise requiremnts with the context of your business scorecard.
  • Feasibility Statement providing a detailed assessment of each solution.
  • Feasibility Ranking to help you understand why we have made our recommendations.
  • Feasibility results and recommendations

Technology Design

When designing the optimal solution architecture you don’t need product specific specialists. Instead you need technologists with an in-depth understanding of infrastructure, data networking and voice principles to ensure an end-to-end architecture that is robust and scalable. Our team provides you just that. Having designed some of the most complex customer engagement and communications solutions we understand the importance of integration touchpoints in delivering the complete business objectives.

Design Audits

If you already have a design implemented by your internal I.T or a supplier and want an independent review of that design by a company that has experience of designing Global Enterprise systems then our team is here to help. We will review your designs against your functional and non-functional requirements and provide a detailed report on compliance and give recommendations on where it can be improved.


We optimise your IT delivery capability, and effectively deliver and assure your chosen technology portfolio. We’ll take you all the way from programme identification and definition, right through to execution. We get hands-on and deliver the solutions that you have been promised. Our delivery capabilities cover leading customer experience and unified communications technologies from Avaya, Genesys and Skype for Business. Our technology product specific knowledge is backed up by strong development and integration capabilities to ensure you leverage the information and functionality of your legacy systems to maximise benefits.

User Adoption

For CoolHarbour, user adoption is the KPI that measures the success of any technology transformation programme we take on. Planning for user adoption is a process that starts long before a technology is operational. In fact user adoption journey starts when we gather the requirements. We identify the different groups of stakeholders and the potential product champions and we work with them to model use cases that enhance their experience. We then create a comprehensive, tailored communications and training programme that is all about demonstrating to the different user groups how their productivity and effectiveness is going to be improved. It’s about helping people cope with the change that is required to successfully use the technology and tools to improve their daily working lives.


Technology deployments often hit technical speed bumps at which point the finger pointing starts. You need experience and calm heads to bring all the relevant parties together to overcome these hurdles. Our Consultants take ownership of an issue until the root cause has been indeitfied, a plan to fix has been agreed and . Troubleshooting technical issues is like sleuth work, and the key is to know where to start. Our Consultant will understand the complete solution along with the integration touchpoints and will have seen similar problems before, thereby being able to identify the root cause quicker. This in turn reduces you deployment times and more importantly reduces the operational downtime for your organisation.


CoolHarbour is a technology company with a specialist programme delivery practice.  Our team of Programme Managers, Project Managers and Change Management Consultants have many years of experience delivering projects of varying complexity, size and across many sectors. Our programme delivery capability is built on best practice principles, and when combined with our common-sense approach, we believe that our service is unique.

Our team is selected for their mix of hard and soft skills, for their energy and drive, and for their track record in delivery of outcomes. We pride ourselves in the way we:

  • Challenge the rationale for any project to ensure that, before any funds and resources are committed, there is a sound business case for undertaking the initiative.
  • Ensure the objectives and outcomes are clearly defined and agreed, and then supported by a comprehensive plan for delivery.
  • Guarantee there is commitment from the sponsor and clear direction from the right management level in the organisation.
  • Provide strong and experienced project leaders.
  • Adopt a project management framework appropriate to your organisation and scaled to suit the job in hand whether it be
  • MSP, DIMENSION 4, PRINCE2, PPM, Agile or your own in-house methodology.
  • Support the whole process by deploying the right software tools to aid communication and decision making.

Key to successful delivery is the energy and enthusiasm that our specialists inject into your project to really motivate and build a strong team.

To find out more about your projects can benefit from the CoolHarbour experience download our Programme and Project Management services sheet.


In a fast changing and demanding business environment organisations need to integrate silo departmental processes and technology to provide enterprise-wide solutions, driving employee productivity and empowering their workforce to better serve customers.

In a recent study, 75% of business and IT executives anticipated their software projects would fail. Is your business a candidate for delivery of poorly integrated systems, thereby lagging behind your competitors by not realising the potential of a joined up organisation (technology, process and people)?

Every development or integration project carried out by CoolHarbour will boost efficiency and profitability by:

  • Streamlining existing processes and systems.
  • Improving operational performance by aligning software with business strategy.
  • Allowing you to react quickly to changing environments and customer demands.
  • Creating flexible systems that allow you to embrace new product lines and services.
  • Reducing operational costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your IT Programmes.
  • Increasing workforce productivity and profitability with tools that work the way you do.