zsah (parent company of CoolHarbour) is now part of the Government’s G-Cloud framework.

We are pleased to announce that zsah (parent company of CoolHarbour) is now part of the Government’s G-Cloud framework.


As zsah’s business and influence has grown in the Technology industry so has the demand for its services through a variety of different platforms and partners.  Due to the increasing demand and growing success of the business it was only a matter of time till zsah became a part of the Government’s G-Cloud framework.


What exactly is the G-Cloud? 


The G-Cloud is a government framework designed for public bodies in the United Kingdom to purchase Cloud focused IT services from reputable and well established suppliers.  As a premium Managed service provider zsah is on the G-Cloud framework which is managed by the Government Procurement Service.

There are a number of facets to the delivery of cloud services that are available on the G-Cloud:


–          Software as a service (SaaS) – where the entire infrastructure and applications are hosted and run by the vendor

–          Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – providing equipment required to run cloud applications

–          Platform as a service (PaaS)–providing equipment, operating systems and other software components needed to run applications in the cloud

–          Specialist cloud services – the specialist services related to cloud provision.

Due to cloud computing’s unprecedented growth more and more businesses are adopting the technology and this has created a massive change in the way businesses approach and operate their IT requirements.  Having identified the opportunity that cloud computing provides in providing greater economic control, sustainability and flexibility the Government has setup G-Cloud in order to provide Partners, local authorities and government departments access to a range of Cloud providers.  This is motivated by the fact that the government has ambitions of creating a fundamental change in the way that the public sector procures and operates Information and Communication Technology.


zsah – Managed Technology Services on the G-Cloud


We encourage our customers to buy British, not only because of our high quality cloud offerings but also because of the fact that we are a purely British company founded in the United Kingdom with no subsidiaries or parent companies based outside of the UK.  This puts zsah in a unique position over many of the big players in the cloud industry such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace as these are all companies originated in the United States.  This means any company that wants to keep its data secure and private can do so.  American companies are unable to guarantee this due to the American Patriot Act which imposes its rules upon all US companies and means their data and their customers data is available to the US government on demand.  Essentially this can jeopardise a company that may be required to follow strict Data protection requirements or a company that simply wishes to maintain the highest levels of data security and confidentiality on behalf of their customers and employees.


zsah’s cloud services for the Government and public sector


At zsah we are always at the cutting edge of technology and our customers depend on us to advise and implement the ideal solutions to not just fulfil but exceed their IT requirements. Our flexible and up to date cloud options we provide cater to a whole range of businesses

Our cloud hosting options fulfil a number of essential criteria as we ensure that all data resides in our premium tier 3 datacentres. We ensure that our hosting environments are in physically and technically secure environments with the highest security and privacy levels in the market.

With 12 years of experience we have built a business with a strong product portfolio which includes solely UK based Cloud offerings that are ideal for the Government and Public sector.

zsah’s tailor made offering provide Security, elasticity and resilience which are designed to fit your organisation and help your business get the most out of the cloud whilst ensuring your capital expenditure is also decreased.  once you become a client of zsah’s we monitor, maintain and manage your IT platforms saving you the need to invest in essential hardware and software.  zsah’s cloud services provide you with an infrastructure that is scalable and automated whilst maintaining the flexibility to meet all your business requirements. Part and parcel of this flexibility is that you only pay for the services that your company uses.


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